Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Layali Lubnan | Lebanese Semolina Pudding | Guest 1 @ Kukskitchen

I present to you the first ever guest post on my humble blog. This is new and I intend to make guest posts part of kukskitchen. The inauguratory post is contributed by my dear friend, Rafeeda,  whom I found through this blogopshere. She hosts a beautiful blog called 'The Big Sweet Tooth'. As I always say,she is one enthusiastic blogger and a loving person at heart. Her kindness oozes out in her words. I am a big fan of her photography and I seek to improve upon my humble blog. Previously, she had me as a guest on her blog through a yummy asian recipe.

Thank you so much for gracing my blog with your presence.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Orange Chicken | Kukskitchen

I present to you my guest post in my dear friend Rafeeda's blog called The Big Sweet Tooth.She is one friend I got from the blogosphere. Rafs as she calls herself, is such an enthusiastic blogger and one can only admire the energy that spills out on each and every blog post she makes or even facebook messages. I was so pleased to be able to do a guest post for her. I was on vacation myself and was so pleased with how it turned out.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Baked bread pudding | Kukskitchen

Baked bread pudding | Kukskitchen

A friend comes over. Special friend. You want to make a dessert. There is nothing in your food  cupboard to make a dessert with. Well, that is what you think. Not until you know you have part of a loaf of bread, a few eggs, handful of raisins, sugar and milk and you can make a delicious pudding out of these basic ingredients. Yes. It is that easy. This is the easiest pudding you can put otgehter with no preparations what so ever. And still your friend would ask for second servings and she will scoop clean the plate. :)

Please do not borrow pictures without my permission. I may not find out but there is someone up there watching, and stealing doesnot go well in his court.

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