Pesaha paal, Kalathappam, Kurisapam and Indri appam | Maundy Thursday Special | Kukskitchen

We have been on lent for Easter. Being on lent keeps things in perspective for me. It is a time I use to reflect about things that makes me better, in faith.

Thattile kutti dosa of Salt n' Pepper movie fame | Kukskitchen

Dosa / Lentil pancake
തട്ടിലെ കുട്ടി ദോശ 


Thattile Kutti Dosa was one of the star characters in this hit malayalam movie. Hats off to the idea.

Aloo Paratha | Wholemeal flatbread stuffed with spiced potatoes | Kukskitchen

It is lent and I am on with some great tasting vegetarian recipes for you readers. My carnivore husband needs something special each day to keep him going if its vegetarian on the menu, I know.

Aloo paratha is a traditional punjabi flat bread. I present my take on it with my style of stuffing. The stuffing I make is similar to stuffing I use for masala dosa or puri masala (I add a little grated ginger to the mix for poori masala).

Skinny High Protein Banana Oatmeal Pancakes | Kukskitchen

As part of the high protein low carb initiative, I've turned my son's favourite meal in to a skinny high protein variant. There is somehting for everyone in this recipe. Protein powder for the man, banana and honey for the kid and blue berries for the female gene. Blueberries are full of antioxidants and are a brilliant support if you are trying to lose those extra few pounds.

Hope you like it!

Tuna n' Carrot Peera | Kukskitchen

Traditionally peera is made with small fish like natholi / anchovy. However, canned tuna is an easy fix. I came across this idea when my friend from school Remya asked me about indian style recipe to do with tuna. Combining tuna with carrots makes it a more rounded dish.

Carrot Cake with Secret Moistening Ingredient | Kukskitchen

This is the best carrot cake recipe ever. Now what makes it the best recipe ever is a secret ingredient. You will find it in the ingredients. Like all carrot cakes this uses oil instead of butter. It is the secret ingredient that gives the cake all its moisture. Thank you dear Simone for passing this recipe on to me. I used wilton's butter cream recipe and did ruffles to give a simple finish. I will share the recipe in my next post. Watch this space.

I made it for my son's birthday just gone. It was his 5th and he was super excited. He loved the cake. We had it for breakfast. :D

Waldorf salad | Kukskitchen

It is my son's 5th birthday today and I thought why not share something that he made. Presented below is a Waldorf Salad that he made during is holidays as part of his School project. They all had to decide on a recipe, buy ingredients, prepare, write the ingredients and method and take a picture of their creation and take them all to school. We decided on this salad as it was easy to make and write and delicious to eat. It ticks the healthy box too. So off we went. We did a bit of research as to how and where it was first prepared etc. He had just recovered from chicken pox then. I think you can still see the scars if you look carefully. He was ever so excited to do this project still. :D

Chocolate Mousse | Kukskitchen

Yet another year has gone by and it's Valentine's Day again. It is ever so special for us as we got married the same day, 10 years back. Yes, it was our 10th wedding anniversary this year. We had a wonderful time together in a country spa a few hours from home. The little had school,....... I know ;).

After dinner for dessert  made this smooth soft delicious mousse, which my son says is the best dessert I have ever made for him. He wants it now every single day as dessert. Now, you'll know how long those desires last :P.....

Chicken Biriyani | Kukskitchen

Biriyani is every Indian's favourite dish, especially for special festive occasions. A good lip smacking biriyani beats any other dish in any other cuisine in my opinion. :D. This biriyani was the star in our recent get together when my dear friend SP made it who is a brilliant cook. Now, she got this recipe from SG and, God, it ws so yummy. One of the best I've had. I had to get the recipe and here I share it. Hope you don't mind SG :)

30-Minute Bread Rolls perfect to go with your soup | Kukskitchen

These are the perfect 30-minute bread rolls that give you brilliant results each time. They are perfect to mop up all that sauce while having soup. They are so quick, you can enjoy freshly baked bread rolls each day. Bread making is not a chore any more. And to top it all, these rolls are butter-free (brush with oil).

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